2022 Highlights and What to Watch for 2023!!

February Trip to Discovery Center in Downtown Springfield

Lunch at Whole Hog Cafe on Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield Mo

Pit stop at Redmon’s in Phillipsburg Mo

Should have considered this before the hike!!!

The hike was worth this picture! Hemmed In Hollow, Compton Arkansas

Awesome eats outside Jasper Arkansas

Boating on Stockton Lake on a summer day! Paradise.

Hiking Pomme de Terre MO

Camping in Lesterville MO on the Black River

Mountain biking trip at Fellows Lake Mo turned into a nice hike. Next time I’ll bring a helmet.

Seasonal Encounters Branson was fun for the whole family! Attentive staff and an excellent Santa

and Mrs. Claus.

As always, I have many plans but only so much time. The Etsy store is still in the works with items in production this month (January 2023). Darby and I are planning a podcast discussing some of the crazier aspects of our adventures and a trip to Oklahoma with Cole for a hiking/camping trip. I have already hiked this month on January 1 and am planning another short hike this week.

Check out htdto2020 on Instagram to follow other adventures that are too short to blog about or head over to my FB page How to do the Ozarks and check out other places I’ve been visiting in SW Missouri.

I’m still working on that Stockton Lake camping trip as well as visiting the RV show the first weekend in March at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds to dream about my new investment for the blog-a popup trailer. Stay tuned for more adventures, places to eat, shop and take the kids.


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