What to Watch for in 2021!!

Hello fellow travelers!!!  2020 is behind us, Covid 19 vaccines have been developed and a new year has begun.  2020 did not put too much of a damper on my travel, but it did make visiting restaurants, museums and entertainment venues harder.  My goals for this year include bringing you even more Facebook posts on my How to do the Ozarks FB page, Instagram photos on htdto2020, vlog posts on YouTube at How To Do The Ozarks, and visiting more fun places in this amazing geographical part of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Be on the lookout for a spread about camping and boating at Stockton Lake, hiking in Arkansas at Hemmed In Hollow, kayaking with James River Outfitters and more.  I have been toying with the idea of allowing comments on the blog, vlog and other social media to drive where I may go from week to week and I will let you know soon enough if that is the direction I decide to go in this year. 

I will also be revisiting a few places that just didn’t get enough attention and blog space last year like Elephant Rocks, Johnson’s Shut In’s and Eureka Springs at Christmas time.  I did visit these places last year, but decided to hold back on writing about them as I wanted to see if I could gain a better experience especially at Elephant Rocks and the Shut In’s.  I was very tired from hiking when I visited these sites and not prepared to experience them in a positive way to give my readers a true look at these amazing sites.

So!  Get ready friends and prepare to get out there!     

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