C-Street City Market Opening


On April 22 2017, the C-Street City Market had their annual opening with merchants selling an eclectic mix of handcrafts, plant starts, and early vegetables.  Located on Historic Commercial Street in Springfield Missouri, C Street has been gradually making a comeback from rundown, empty buildings to bustling shopping district.  C Street has their own Facebook page at: Historic C-Street, C-Street City Market as well as a mailing list through email admin@historiccstreet.com.

After stopping at Big Momma’s Coffee for a café au lait to ward off the cold wind, I stopped by the main stand to buy some wooden chips with my debit card to use as currency.  Most of the booths have the ability to slide your card, but I like the chips.  They are different and I can keep myself under control better when I have $10-20 in chips rather than swiping my card on everyone’s phone all morning.  EBT cards can also be used to trade for the wooden chip currency, a nice feature for those who need it.

Lacey Mitchell’s stand is selling reusable bags, wood carriers, and aprons made from feed sacks.  She’s got a good mix of different types of bags, all of which are sturdy and sell for about $10.  What a great way to reuse those darn plastic dog food bags.  Her Facebook page is: Mitchell’s Dutchess of Pork totes.  She operates out of Oldfield and is at C Street on Saturdays.

Paul Spangenberg and his family have a mix of wood toys and crafts as well as an Etsy page.  Visit Nightcire toys on Etsy.com to take a look at his different products.  He also sells unfinished models so you can paint them as you like or make a project of it with the kids.

Smiling Sun Gardens had an excellent selection of native wildflowers and herb starts including medicinal herbs.  If you are at all interested in bringing bees and butterflies to your yard, you need to visit this gentleman.  His website is smilingsunllc.com and he will be at C Street next Saturday.  He let me know he may not always be available to set up every weekend so give him a shout out on his website to find out where he will be when you are ready to plant.

Another interesting exhibitor was a woman who made fused glass jewelry.  Her Etsy website is The chromatic rabbit @ etsy.com.  Look her up, the jewelry was awesome and Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  Hint hint, kids.

All in all it was a good visit.  I like supporting local business much more than supporting big box stores.  If the prices are right, I’d rather spend my money with them.  Other stores are open down on Commercial Street and they are worth a look as well, especially if you are looking for something unusual and fun.  Chabom Tea and Spice, Hakaar’s Bazaar, and Artivities are just a few.  Signing up for the twice monthly C- Street newsletter lets’ you in on what new stores are coming in and what’s going on with the nightlife as well.  Shop on my friends.

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