J. Parrinos-Queen City Deli



Queen City Deli on Sunshine near Glenstone-Springfield MO


Originally my husband and I are from up north near the Chicago area.  The one thing we are always on the lookout for is Chicago style pizza, beefs, and good Mexican food.  Last week, my husband asked me to run to Queen City Deli, because they have the best beef and sausage combo he has found yet in Springfield Mo.  I ordered the pastrami on rye. The price for both sandwiches, no drinks, no sides was $20. But!  The sandwiches were big enough for two meals especially if I’d paired them with a salad or soup from home.  The meat was very good, piled high, and the bread for the beefs was spot on Chicago-style Italian bread.

J Parrino’s has always been known around here for their pasta which is what I will be trying next time I stop in.  You have the option to eat in their dining room after ordering at the counter or getting take out like I did.  Beer and wine is available as well.  At the counter, you’ll also find a few specialty Italian grocery items that you may want to pick up for the home pantry.

If you’re looking for the best Chicago beef Springfield has to offer, check these guys out.  I was in the store looking for their website menu and got hooked into some sketchy site so just stop in and take a look at the menu.  If you’re looking for Italian, they’ll have something for you.  Happy Eating!

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