“Tis’ a priviledge to live in the Ozarks”-Mark Twain

Hello!  My name is Christy and I love living and playing in the Ozark Mountain region of America.  The Ozark Plateau stretches from Oklahoma, into northern Arkansas, throughout most of southern Missouri and a tiny part of Kansas.   This endeavor is my own creative effort to share my experiences with you, my readers.  I will always try to share the best of what I encounter whether I am visiting a restaurant, museum, park, or river.  Negativity breeds negativity and anyone can have a bad day.  If you are looking for a bad review on any business, you will not find it here.  If I happen to have a negative experience, I write directly to the business letting them know privately.  If you leave a negative comment on a piece, I will personally read it but will not share it with others.

So, readers, welcome to How to do the Ozarks.  I hope you will enjoy the photos me and my family take, get a laugh out of my (mis)adventures, and visit the Ozark region soon.

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